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Casting/Job Title Location Project Type Submit by
Comic Rabbi Baltimore, MD Trade Show/Events/Promo 12-31-2015
Male Dancers Baltimore, MD Dance - Ballet/Classic 12-31-2015
FREE Model Promotion Dallas, TX Modeling - Print 12-31-2015
Too Spoiled Modeling - Runway 12-31-2015
Too Spoiled Modeling - Runway 12-31-2015
***Actors, Actresses LA, CA*** Los Angeles, CA Feature Film-Inde/low Budget 12-31-2015
Production Company Seeks All Talent Cleveland, OH Dance - Modern/Jazz 12-31-2015
Models Needed, No experience necessary! Los Angeles, CA Internet 12-31-2015
Christian Actors Needed IMMEDIATELY!!! Chicago, IL Theatre - Non-Equity 12-31-2015
scouting male models Chicago, IL Modeling - Print 12-31-2015
Rocky Los Angeles, CA Feature Film - Non-SAG 12-15-2015
drummer for hire Buffalo, NY Music - Drums 12-05-2015
Exotic Dancers Wanted Earn Up To $500/HR New York City, NY Dance - Club/Gogo 12-01-2015
Looking for all ages all types Chicago, IL Commercials 11-10-2015
On CAmera Talent Screening. 4-18 Los Angeles, CA Modeling - Print 11-10-2015
closed New York City, NY Music - Keyboards 10-06-2015
Get Spoilded Right Philadelphia, PA Modeling - Runway 09-27-2015
Agency Casting New FAces New York City, NY Modeling - Runway 08-12-2015
Models, creative shoot on Long Island Albany, NY Modeling - Print 07-22-2015
Telemundo , 12 Corazones Los Angeles, CA Episodic TV - Non-Union 05-23-2015

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At Audition 411 .com, we plug you into hundreds of auditions, castings and make them available for free to aspiring models and actors. It's easy to audition. Just make sure you're prepared for the audition.

An audition is a sample performance by an actor, singer, musician, dancer or other performing artist. It is used in the casting process to demonstrate the level and range of a performer's talent, and functions as a job interview for the performing arts. A typical audition involves the performer displaying their talent through a previously-memorized and rehearsed solo piece: for example, a monologue for actors or a song for a singer.

For actors, the audition piece is typically not from the show being considered; an actor wishing to be cast in Hamlet would not likely do a monologue from that play. However, most performers do have a range of audition pieces and select something appropriate; an actor auditioning for Hamlet would have a dramatic Shakespearean monologue ready, and not perform a monologue from an Oscar Wilde comedy, or a contemporary playwright, such as Tom Stoppard. Similarly, a singer auditioning for a role in a musical theatre production would not sing opera or country music, and a musician auditioning for a seat in an orchestra wouldn't perform rock.

Some auditions involve cold reading, or performing a script that the actor is not familiar with. Likewise, musicians may be asked to sight read music at various levels of difficulty. This is similar to many dance auditions, in which the focus is on learning new choreography, rather than showcasing prepared work.

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